Wednesday, 27 February 2013

mind grunts

Because I'm a rebel and incredibly bored at my job at the moment, I wore my Sex Pistols T-shirt to work today. A definite no-no when it comes to nuns, but I didn't care! Fine, I wore a cardigan over it. But at least I knew what I had underneath. It felt like that time when I had just started working and the nuns asked me to wear pants instead of a skirt and I did, cause they asked nicely, but to celebrate my free will and independence I chose not to put on any underwear. That showed'em.

Also a random thought from last night. While kissing my boyfriend who had just brushed his teeth I realised that I hate the taste a toothpaste in other people's mouths. But how can this kind of a problem be tackled? Obviously a person with freshly cleaned teeth is to be applauded, not scolded, so...what. So what. (By the way, the best time to kiss is after eating fruit. Mmmmmmmmmmm!) (I know you have already realised this.)

These kinds of thoughts and actions seem justified to you when you have a good job with good steady pay, although with awfully long hours, but doesn't really challenge you in ways that you would like to.

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